For Sun Tzu, and for successful business practitioners, victory is in understanding and harnessing the landscape. It’s in technique, finesse, execution, and understanding your enemy. It’s also in your fluidity and ability to adapt. To most efficiently create results, always be thinking about how you can create maximum results with minimum effort. To do this, use water is your guide.  

Flow Like Water

Sun Tzu says: Now, the laws of military operations are like water. The tendency of water is to flow from heights to lowlands. The law of successful operations is to avoid the enemy’s strength and strike his weaknesses. Water changes its course in accordance with the contours of the land. The soldier works out his victory in accordance with the situation of the enemy. 

Water is fluid and evasive. It adapts to real conditions. It finds a way. It’s calm when it should be and powerful when it must be. It’s nourishing and it’s destructive. Water is.

Like water, apply your strengths and attributes to achieve maximum result with minimum effort.